Airofil air cleaner is easy to install & simple to replace. 

Follow four simple steps to install & start enjoying cleaner air every time the ceiling fan rotates. Instructions are provided on back side of the packaging box.

Airofil Ceiling Fan Air Cleaner Install

Step 1 

Switch off the ceiling fan and clean the fan blades -ensure the blades are free of dust, lint & oil so adhesive will adhere.

Airofil Ceiling Fan Air Cleaner Install

Step 2

Carefully remove adhesive backing from the velcro attachment strip.

Airofil Ceiling Fan Air Cleaner Install

Step 3

Attach the strip to any of the fan blades as per figure on the left. In case your fan is a 4 or 5 blade fan and has a blade span of 40 inch or higher than ensure that the second strip is also installed on the opposite blade.  


Note : Please ensure that the strip(s) is attached closer to where the blade(s) is attached to the fan and also is in the centre of the fan blade(s).

Airofil Ceiling Fan Air Cleaner Install

Step 4

Gently press the centre of each Air Cleaner (any side) on the centre of the velcro strip. Ensure it attaches properly to the velcro.



Replace air cleaner within 30 to 60 days or earlier depending on dust collected. We recommend to dispose the air cleaners after one use.


To replace, simply remove the air cleaner from the velcro strip. Gently press the new cleaner as per Step 4 above. In case you want to change the velcro strip, please remove the strip from the fan blade and follow Step 3 above to install the new strip.