Air Purifier

Quality of air in your home could be worsening. 

Several of the air pollutants are not visible but they still could impact the health of your loved ones. Be aware and clean the air within your home.

Reality about air in your home

Reported to be upto 10x worse than outside air. 

2nd highest cause of death in India.

Linked to cause of asthma/brochitis, allergy, irritation of respiratory tracts, heart and lung problems.

Polluted air has the highest negative health impact on younger children.

Includes wide variety of pollutants like dust, pollen, pet hair/ dander, mold, finer particulates, smoke, bacteria & many more.

It's important to be aware that several of the indoor air pollutants are not even visible to us nor are they easily detectable by smell. However just because you cannot see or smell it does not mean it's not harmful to you. 

Ceiling fan and Indoor air pollutants 

Ceiling fans help to circulate air within a room. But as the blades of the fan push the air down, they also lead to circulating air pollutants - seen & unseen - across the room. The air velocity from the ceiling fan could also disperse pollutants which were settled on floor, walls and other furnishings within the room.


This type of air circulation could sometime aggravate health conditions of individuals with dust/pollen allergies, sinuses and other respiratory health matters. So its important to be aware that just cleaning the ceiling fan blades periodically will not protect your family from indoor air pollutants. Its important to also make the air cleaner to breathe so that your family can live a healthier life.